Our ceramic stains come in powder form and can be used to colour glazes, underglazes, overglazes, engobes, slips and clay bodies. In general, they have greater temperature stability than many other commercially available stains. They are suitable for use from 1000 degrees (cone 06) to 1300 degrees (cone 10).

To ensure good adhesion to the clay body, and to prevent peeling or rough surfaces, most stains require the addition of a flux to compensate for their refractory nature. Additions of 10% - 15% flux are adequate. Recommended fluxes are Glaze Frits 4064, 4108, 4124, 4113 or 4131. Always test the stain for your own situation.

Safety: Toxic material or hazardous as airborne dust, and/or as powder and/or in liquid suspension Foodsafe once properly kiln fired.


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